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  • How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
    How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times
    by Gail S. Bower

Social services agency taps Bower & Co.
to boost revenue streams — from trickle to quadruple returns.

The Challenge

Lutheran Settlement House, a social services agency, relied heavily on revenue from grants and government contracts. When funding priorities changed or expired, the organization’s ability to deliver critical services was jeopardized. They needed to diversify their revenue sources ASAP. 

The Idea

Lutheran Settlement House engaged Bower & Co. to develop a corporate sponsorship program that let corporations partner with their programs and events. The earned income, along with the marketing boost, from these partnerships became important benefits to the organization. During the process with Gail the staff learned:
• How to distinguish between “corporate giving” and “sponsorship” – and how to put the two into action for maximum results
• How to identify “sponsorable” opportunities and what attracts corporations to them
• How to research and meet the needs of corporate partners
• How to develop corporate sponsorship proposals and materials
• How to develop long term relationships with corporate sponsors


Within five months Lutheran Settlement House had its first sponsor in the five figure range. A year later they quadrupled revenues from the corporate sector.
How to shift a needs-based pitch to an asset-based presentation, and how to coordinate corporate sponsorship with development efforts. It is a tension that we will work through as an organization.
Beatriz Vieira, Executive Director, Lutheran Settlement House
How to put together a marketing proposal. The importance of not underselling our ‘products.’  It’s built capacity by training several staff to raise money in different ways.
Glenna Harkins, Development Assistant, Lutheran Settlement House
The steps, A to Z, to finalizing corporate sponsorship and expanding my mind on marketing opportunities. I feel more secure in my ability to do this.
Susan Parris, Chief Financial Officer, Lutheran Settlement House